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Eye Care for Kids

We chatted with Dr. Kim Bugera, Edmonton optometrist and Chair of the Children’s Vision Committee at the Alberta Association of Optometrists, about the things doctors of optometry see most often when performing children’s eye exams. Here’s what you need to know.

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Hair Tips to Make Mornings Easier

Back-to-school time is here - and so is the hustle of busy mornings and trying to tackle the tangles in your child’s care-free summer hair. Looking for quick and easy ways to get your kid’s hair healthy and tidy, while saving time during busy mornings? We consulted our kids’ hair experts to find the top hair-care tips to solve common back-to-school hair challenges and make your morning routine run smoother.

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Pack it Light, Wear it Right!

The back-to-school blitz is finally in the rearview mirror, and now you can focus on those important day-to-day matters associated with raising healthy and happy children. As the kids stroll in the door after school, kick off their shoes, and drop their backpacks on the ground, you wouldn’t be the first parent to eyeball those packs after the first few days of class and wonder, ‘What do they need all of this stuff for!?’ Textbooks, daily supplies, lunches, and the requisite technology take up a lot of space.

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The nasal septum is the thin wall between the two nostrils. It has lots of sensitive blood vessels and can bleed very easily. A nosebleed happens when the septum is dry, picked at or injured. Nosebleeds in children are quite common and usually not serious.

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