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School Aged

Tips to help your child gain confidence in the classroom

Due to the pandemic, many kids have had a rough several years of learning and now it’s time to refocus on classroom interactions. Some younger children haven’t had time to experience the way a classroom normally works. How do they behave in a large group? What if they need help? What if they make a mistake? How responsive will the teacher be to individual needs? You can help your child take optimal advantage of their learning environment by teaching them some basic learning skills. Your child doesn’t have to be top of their class to enjoy learning and be a thriving, healthy part of their classroom.

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Not making the grade?

This is a common problem – we hear it often from parents. Here is a typical case, including our advice for this parent. We have made the advice general, so it can be useful to you if your child is a ‘poor test taker’ too. 

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Preparing for a parent-teacher conference

Long before you meet, you and your child’s teacher have a mutual goal: the success of your child. Parent-teacher conferences are an integral part of your communication with your child’s school. Conferencing not only provides the opportunity to share a wealth of information about your child, it also helps to create a partnership with the teacher that will assist your child through their most formative years.

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Five common homework problems (and how to solve them)

Summer seems like a distant memory and the carefree days of ice cream and pools have been replaced with school lunches and homework.


Homework is a common reason for arguments between parents and children but before you throw in the towel (after explaining the concept of an acute angle for the thousandth time), consider determining the main problem your child is having and trying some of these tips to help them:

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