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Shy or quietly confident?

We parents want our children to thrive. And it can hurt when we see a quieter child overlooked, not chosen or otherwise left out in fun, social settings. While we know each child is a unique individual with character traits and tendencies all their own, we still want the best for them and that usually means competence in social settings.

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Speech and language delays in young children

The sound of your child’s first word is magical - but how do you know if they are hitting their developmental milestones on time?

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Transitions: a love/hate relationship?

Big or small, planned or unplanned – transitions at any age, for anyone, can either be a welcome surprise or full of anxiety and distress. Transitions can be imposed on us, or proposed by us. Whatever the reason, they are an integral part of life and must be managed appropriately.

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Now you see you don’t!

It’s something Calgary Optometrist, Dr. Tamara Maillot Delong, will never forget. 

“He was eight years old and I found a significant tear in the retina,” she says of one of her young patients. He couldn’t tell her when his vision changed, but she could tell it wasn’t recent, and because the retina feels no pain he would not have complained. 

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