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From fall reading to family movie night

Pairing books with movies is an easy way to keep kids reading. While parents usually want their children to limit screen time, the silver screen may be the exception that encourages kids to read. Make movies, and the books that inspire them, the double feature that hooks kids on books.

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Encouraging creative writing in children

Most of us have experienced the sensation of being moved to tears, or laughter, or fear, through a can’t-put-it-down book. Entertainment aside, the many and varied benefits of reading are widely documented and include everything from increasing empathy in readers to boosting intelligence to improved sleep to stress reduction.

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Academics + Art = Balance

Sometimes we put so much emphasis on our children’s achievement and progress in one or another core academic subject (language arts, maths, science, social studies) that the importance of participation and achievement in complementary subjects (art, music, languages, physical education) may be undervalued.

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The Key to Introducing Art to Your Kid

Let’s face it, life gets hectic, so the idea of setting up an elaborate art space for your child seems like a lot of work - not to mention a lot of housecleaning (plus a lot of colored markers without lids strewn dangerously close to your white walls!). Don’t worry, I’m not here to detail how to build a state-of-the-art (pun intended) art space for your child. I am here to provide you with tips that are no fuss, no muss! The key to introducing art to your child is to start small and keep the process simple.

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