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Our Guide to the Holidays 2023

Take the 'brr' out of winter - cure your family’s cabin fever with events, activities, and holiday fun! 

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A different way to give

‘Tis the season of giving.

Many families give money or food to the charity connected to their child’s school or agree upon a non-profit to donate to at this time of year. These are important contributions and go a long way to helping but there are also many other meaningful ways to give back this season.

Allow your charitable donations to teach your children about the importance of giving to those less fortunate. Let your kids see the need first-hand and have a voice in becoming part of the solution.

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New Year’s Eve countdowns – with the kids!

Counting down the seconds until the start of a brand new year is a beloved tradition in many families and friend groups. This tradition is often thought of as an adult’s only event – while it can be fun to have a child-free evening after the holiday season rush, you can also make plans to include all ages. I have wonderful memories of being allowed to stay up late with my parents and their friends, getting dressed up, having “fancy” Shirley Temple cocktails, and making a ruckus when the clock struck the midnight hour!

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Holiday shopping on a dime

Looking at the list of things your kids want for Christmas might leave you wondering how you are going to afford to pay for their holiday outfits!

For those who celebrate around this time of year, schedules are often full of gatherings and photos. With the price of everything skyrocketing, more families are turning to consignment stores to get their clothing and ensure they have enough money left over to put presents under the tree.

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