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Maker-Minded: Raising DIY Kids

When your electronic gadgets break, does your tween fix them? Do you have a child that builds elaborate housing for pets and dolls out of scraps of craft materials and cardboard boxes? Maybe you’re raising entrepreneurial teens with ideas that could make them the next Facebook or Snapchat inventor, app creator, or Shark Tank winner.

If any of this sounds familiar, you may have a ‘Maker’ on your hands. But what exactly does that mean?

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Creative STEM Activities for Kids

A child inspired by any STEM project will never stop at a single activity and will always become a young explorer who will ask questions and research things in a way that will be both unique and creative. As springtime finally arrives and the sunbeams are shining upon the happy faces of youngsters, it is high time to think about additional Spring STEM activities that will keep everyone inspired, fit, and happy. Just think about all the things that emerge with the coming of Spring such as new plants, animals, weather changes, flowers, and the physical processes that we are yet to learn!

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Blogs to the Rescue!

There are hundreds of blogs created by parents that share creative ideas for kid activities. Blogs are excellent sources for hands-on activities in science, art, literacy, and more. Here are some good ones, but feel free to do your own search to find others. Many of these blogs have added new sections designed specifically for stay-at-home learning times.

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Have a STEAM-Powered Summer

How will your kids tell their story? You know, the one that answers the question, “What did you do last summer?” For many, the summer’s highlights involve the heroic deeds, memorable triumphs, and imaginative fun that only summer camp can provide. Camps are multi-purposed. As well as providing child-care solutions for families during the summer weeks, camp also offers exposure to other facets of life not offered in a school environment.

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