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House to Home

Growing family? Make space for baby and you!

One of the biggest challenges when introducing a new member into the family is finding time and space for everyone and everything. Creating a space that is family-friendly and adult-savvy can be difficult, but is definitely worthwhile. We all know that once a baby is on board, along comes a myriad of colorful and distracting objects which stand out like a bright beacon in your once calm surroundings.

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Crafting a festive outdoor container for your front step


Creating a festive container arrangement is not only a delightful way to explore your creativity and embrace the season but also an excellent opportunity to showcase some of the beautiful evergreens and foliage that thrive in our finicky prairie climate.

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Consider what you need before you buy your new home

There are many things to think about when purchasing a new or used home. I like to start with how your family functions as a whole – consider the things that you do within the home. Asking yourself some of these questions will help to determine what type of home you require and what your needs are in each of the spaces. 

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5 secrets to keeping your kid’s room tidy

Dirty socks are mixed in with a pile of building blocks. Shoes, barrettes, and random beads litter one corner of the room. Open books cover the bed, spines facing up, to hold the page in the absence of bookmarks. The dress-up basket lies upside down atop a sea of tulle, spandex, and polyester. 

My preschooler’s room drives me crazy. My husband thinks I should let it go. (Note: He places no value on organization and possesses an uncanny ability to locate any random piece of paper among the stacks littering his office.)

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