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House to Home

Putting down roots

Are you ready to make a move but not sure where in the city you would like to put down roots?

Researching a community and knowing which neighborhood is right for your family can be overwhelming. With so many choices, how do you know where to start?

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Home buying tips to avoid a costly mistake

Buying a home is often a highly emotional experience. It begins with the exciting prospect of finding your perfect home and the exhilarating idea of new beginnings. But as the hunt progresses, it can become an emotional roller coaster. After viewing many homes, you might fear you'll never find the right home. You may experience anxiety over whether you'll find a home within your budget – or, because you've fallen in love with a home that's outside your budget. When you find the perfect house, you'll be dealing with frustration if another buyer beats you to the punch. When you do make an offer, you may be worried you offered too little or too much. You'll also experience disappointment if your offer is rejected.

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Stylish storage solutions for your kids’ stuff

After the holidays and the past two years of a pandemic, chances are you have more toys, games, and books in your home than ever before. However, we’re also moving back toward some semblance of ‘normal’ with friends and relatives stopping by for visits again. How can you keep your home in order when you have what seems like dozens of board games, hundreds of puzzles, thousands of stuffed toys, and countless books on every surface of your home?

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The benefits of an organized pantry

Have you ever grudgingly repurchased a bag of flour or a can of condensed milk for your pantry because you just couldn’t find it anywhere, but you know it’s in there… somewhere? My guess is a lot of you will answer yes to this question. In this article, I will discuss some of the benefits of having a well-organized pantry, such as being able to quickly find what you already have, which will save you precious time and money. With food inflation on the rise due to the pandemic, every penny saved in your pantry is a penny earned!

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