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Leisurely Calgary walks

North Glenmore Park & the Weaselhead wilderness, SW

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Discover playtime paradise: Calgary's best toddler & tot parks, plus indoor playgrounds!

You might think that babies don’t really need much in a playground. And you’re not wrong. But having been at many playgrounds while my three kids were babies, some playgrounds are definitely better to take babies to than others.

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Cherished moments: Grandparent outings to bond over

Spending time with the grandkids can bring a lot of joy into a grandparent’s life. Attending events together can give Grandma or Grandpa a chance to enjoy the things they love to see and do, and give them a great opportunity to pass down some cherished pastimes to the next generation. It can also open kids’ eyes to a whole new world that they may not have otherwise been exposed to.

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Embrace the chill: 6 unique outdoor adventures

Year after year, Calgary ranks high globally as one of the best places to live due to quality of life, economic opportunities and, most of all, its abundance of outdoor recreation. Being close to the Canadian Rockies, with the rolling Bow River and extensive pathways, Calgary offers endless opportunities for those looking to get outside.

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