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Stomp, Chomp, and Roar! It’s a Dinosaur Party!

Typically, dinosaurs are a fascination for kids. Dinosaurs were big, destructive, loud, and most likely chewed with their mouth open; what’s not to like? If you have a young dinosaur enthusiast at home, treat them to a dinosaur-themed birthday party that will be remembered for the next million years!


Dino Egg Hunt - Fill plastic eggs with dino stickers, stamps, toys, or numbers for larger prizes. Michaels ( and Oriental Trading ( offer a large selection of dinosaur items. Hide eggs around the room or outdoors, if the weather is nice. Try assigning egg colors to make sure the kids get an even number of prizes.

Make Your Own Fossils - Use 1 cup of used coffee grounds, ½ cup of cold coffee, 1 cup of flour, and ½ cup of salt. Mix well. Divide into four pieces and flatten out with hands. Press shells, sticks, leaves, plastic dinosaurs, etc., into coffee ground fossil dough. The guests can take them home in plastic bags. Let dry 3 to 4 days before handling.

The Excavator - Mix Plaster of Paris and add to old plastic containers or paper milk cartons. Insert dinosaur toys to be excavated and let dry overnight (or per directions). Let kids use small hammers to chip away and discover what’s inside. (Don’t forget to provide the kids with eye protection!) 


Cave People Stomp - Blow up balloons and attach to paper plates with tape to hold them in place. You can add faces, crazy yarn hair, or paper arms to make them look like cave people. On “Go,” your dinosaurs try to stomp as many cave people as they can. Add a slip of paper inside each balloon so the kids can collect them for a prize. Optional: Make dinosaur feet out of cardboard ahead of time and tie them to the players’ shoes before they stomp.

Hot Lava - Put red plastic tablecloths on the floor. Set up an obstacle course made of bricks, stools, pillows, etc. The kids can climb, step, jump on the items, but cannot step on the hot lava. Play again by using only flat papers to step on and have the kids play in teams - one is blindfolded while the other gives directions to help their partner through to safety.


Chicken (Baby Pterodactyl) Legs or Wings -These are a real crowd pleaser! You can make your own, order take-out, or prepare from frozen.

Mini Nacho Volcanoes - Use a 12-oz. brown paper cup (if you can’t find locally, order off of Amazon) and cut off the bottom half inch. Place bottom side up and insert a 5-oz. plastic snack cup inside. Fill cup with red salsa or nacho cheese and spill some over the edge of the volcano. Serve on an individual dish surrounded by dinosaur scales (chips).

Lava Cake - Make your favorite chocolate cupcake recipe as directed. Allow cupcakes to cool. Using a paring knife, cut out the centre about halfway into the cupcake preserving the centre piece. Fill with hot fudge sauce or Nutella (mixed 4:1 with milk). Replace the top and cover the cupcake with piped red icing.

Dino Juice - The easiest version to make is mixing green fruit punch with Ginger Ale and pineapple juice. For more inspiration, check out Pinterest.

Pam is a freelance writer and mother of two girls. Follow her on Etsy at Pam’s Party Printables,, for more party games and ideas. *Ask your guests beforehand about any food, nut, or dairy allergies/restrictions. 

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