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Great Expectations: Baby Shower Trends for 2016

Baby showers have changed with the times. They’re trendier now, more in tune with the individual personality of the mother-to-be and friends. Whether you’re about to host a shower for a friend or family member or the ‘do’is for you, you’ll want to see these baby shower ideas 2016-style.

Baby shower trends

The gender reveal. The entire shower is planned around revealing the sex of the baby to come. Sometimes ultrasounds are used and other times the gender reveal is incorporated into a game such as a puzzle or word game.

The ‘Sprinkle.’ This shower is a tiny one, intended for a second, third or fourth child. The gifts may be smaller and more practical. There are fewer games and more conversation, and perhaps a simple meal rather than desserts only.

Co-ed showers. If you run with a tight group of couples, this shower is for you! The guys are invited, there are grown-up drinks around and when the gifts are opened, the guys retire to the den to watch some sports, shoot some pool or play a game of cards, for example.

Bring a baby photo. This is a great one when there are guests of all ages. Each guest brings a personal baby photo and places it on a bulletin board. Then one of the games involves guessing the identity of all the pictures. This can be modified to bringing baby pictures of you and all of your children.

Cool party favors. Instead of guests bringing the gifts and going home with a game prize or nothing, add some inventive favors for all the guests to take home. These may follow the theme of the shower, or could be nice items such as fancy soaps, small boxes of unique candy or a nice glass terrarium.

Use Evite. Skip the hand-addressed, snail mail invitations and RSVPs. Do it all on Evite and save time and money. You’ll have an accurate head count as well.

The Green or Heirloom shower. Those leaning toward minimalist thinking will enjoy a baby shower in which all the gifts are gently-used or never used. It takes a bit of thought to find something valuable enough to pass along to a new mom.

The Grandma shower. For first-time grandmas, this shower is all about preparing Grandma’s home for a baby. Usually given by grandma’s friends, she gets to open gifts for that already-loved grandchild.

Scrapbooking party. Guests bring along scrapbooking supplies to help the new mom put a baby book together. This ties in nicely with homemade gifts, such as knitted or crocheted items, homemade quilts and the like.

Diaper shower. Diapers. That’s it. Guests bring diapers and earn the chance to put their names in a draw for a nice prize. Simple, practical and the focus is on the quality time spent together with friends.

Themed showers. The possibilities are endless, but should somehow reflect the personality of the mom-to-be. The theme might be books, spa gifts, a certain color, a certain kind of toy, etc.

A venue away from home. For a no cleanup shower, rent or borrow a facility, perhaps a room at a restaurant and have the event catered. Provide a nice get-away for all the guests and no mess for you.

So that’s it! These are the newest trends in showers. It goes without saying that women of all generations love to gather to honor the arrival of a new child into the world. Be thoughtful as you plan your next baby shower or select the next gift to take to one. What sort of gathering does the mother-to-be desire? Do that.

Jan Pierce, M.Ed., is a retired teacher and freelance writer. She is the author of the book, Homegrown Readers: Simple Ways to Help Your Child Learn to Read. Find her book at, and find Jan at

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