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The Benefits of Performing Arts for Children

The benefits of participating in performing arts programs are valuable and numerous. Some benefits include emotional, social, physical, and even academic. Further, according to David Murphey, Research Fellow and Director of The Child Trends Databank, participation in performing arts programs is related to various positive personal and academic outcomes, improving child development as a whole, enhancing cognitive, motor, and social skills.

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Zero Drama Music-Practicing Tips

Have you ever struggled with your child when it comes time for them to practice music at home? Here are some tips to help your child make maximum musical progress while minimizing the drama.

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Beyond ‘Practice Makes Perfect’

I’ve been teaching private flute lessons for almost 20 years and the number one question parents ask me remains, “How much should my child be practicing?” Parents are investing a lot of time and money on private music lessons for their child and it absolutely makes sense to ask how to make the most out of such an investment. Should you be pushing and enforcing a regular practice routine on your child? Is it something worth fighting over? Should you (or threaten to) quit paying for music lessons if your child won’t practice? 

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Music Lessons - Are They Worth It?

Does your child love to sing, plunk on the piano, or pound on the drums? Do you think you might have a future musician in your home? The average cost of private music lessons ranges widely, depending on location and the expertise of teacher. Private lessons may cost over $2,000 (or more) per year. This may make you wonder - are music lessons really worth it?To answer this question, here are some short- and long-term benefits of music lessons.

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