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Away-Camps: Letting Go Helps Kids Grow

Sleep-away camp was just what Ally needed in order to gain independence and confidence, marvels her mom, Sharon. “She found a whole new group of girls, and had a ball. She’s had a hard time with girls beginning in Grade 4,” says Sharon, “so it was great for her to bond with girls in a different setting.” Starting at age nine, Ally went away to camp for a week. The following summer, she begged to go back for four weeks. Her parents were delighted.

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Keep Camping Stress-Free with Four Simple Tips!

Summer camp is a safe, supportive, and positive place for children and youth to build their self-esteem, confidence, and skills all while having fun in an intimidation-free environment. Getting to that point, though, can be a challenge for even the most seasoned summer camp parents.

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Summer Camp 101: An Age-by-Age Guide to Making the Most of Your Child's Summer

Summer camp offers all kinds of fun and character-building experiences for kids of any age. Whether you’re looking for a few hours of entertainment or weeks of intentional skill-building for your child, you can find it at camp.

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Enrich Your Child’s Summer Schedule With Activities

When it comes to stringing together wonderful experiences for your children this summer, imagine the beads that would go on a charm bracelet for each of your kids. Which beads best represent your child’s interests: A soccer ball, a book, and a pair of hiking boots? Or perhaps a fairy wand, ballet slippers, and a teacup? No matter what the collection of interests, gather up some regional guides, hop online and conduct searches, and ask friends what they have planned for their kids. You are going on a summer activity hunt.

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