PCA 2020


Choosing the Perfect Camp

A mistake parents can make when choosing a camp is confusing their child’s needs with their own needs. If you want your child to be happy at camp, focus on who they are, rather than on whom you were as a camper. Your goal is to create a harmonious relationship between each of your children and the camp experience, not for your child to follow in your well-worn hiking boots.

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Summer Camp - It’s Not Just Fun and Games

Camp staff just about everywhere and adults raised with the camping experience will tell you summer camp isn’t only about recreation. More than anything, they say camp teaches individuals about life and how to live it well. It’s a unique place to learn.

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From Homesick Kid to Happy Camper

Worried that your child will suffer a serious hankering for home during their first camp experience this summer? While homesickness isn’t unusual, a proactive approach now can minimize the blues later.

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Summer Camp 101 - An Age-by-Age Guide to Making the Most of Summer

Summer camp offers all kinds of fun and character building experiences for kids of any age. Whether you’re looking for a few hours of entertainment or weeks of intentional skill building for your child, you can find it at camp.

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