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Blogs to the Rescue!

There are hundreds of blogs created by parents that share creative ideas for kid activities. Blogs are excellent sources for hands-on activities in science, art, literacy, and more. Here are some good ones, but feel free to do your own search to find others. Many of these blogs have added new sections designed specifically for stay-at-home learning times.

Buggy and Buddy. Buggy and Buddy is a fantastic site run by an elementary school teacher named Chelsey. She shares art, science, STEM, and STEAM projects for toddlers through teens. The site is user-friendly. You can search by age to find great activities, supply lists, and free printables to make setting up projects easy. There is also an excellent section on activities based on your child’s favorite book. Try the color walk scavenger hunt, make a balancing robot, or do the apple math pattern projects.

TheDadLab. TheDadLab is a bit of a work in progress, but it does have some great kid/parent science projects. It also links to a book by the same title that offers 50 science projects for parents and kids.

Cool Mom Picks. Cool Mom Picks is run by two ultra-cool moms. Their site is chock-full of ideas for food and menu-planning (how to make that cool whipped coffee), crafts, ideas for Mother’s Day, and a huge section on timely topics for pandemic parenting. There is also a podcast available. This is a comprehensive site to search for activities for all ages.

No Time for Flash Cards. No Time for Flash Cards is another site rich in fun ideas for kids of all ages. It focuses on crafts, books, and all sorts of educational activities. It is searchable by age. Like most good blogs, it adds articles and suggestions from a wide variety of other moms who love to share their good ideas. If you are doing school at home, there is a section for teachers.

Busy Toddler. Busy Toddler,, offers a gazillion ideas for cool activities to do with your toddlers. From sensory play to tasks highlighting fine motor skills, you’ll find simple but creative and educational tasks to do with your young children.

The Activity Mom. The Activity Mom is a site presented at three levels: baby, toddler, and elementary-aged children. It focuses on hands-on activities and offers free printables. Want to make some moon sand or create a hide-and-seek bottle for your baby? Check out this blog!

Happy Hooligans. Happy Hooligans,, is filled with hundreds of ideas for arts and crafts and play. Great for craft ideas for every holiday and fun hands-on activities for kids of all ages.

There are so many great blogs filled with articles, parent musings, and practical activities for your kids.

Check out this link to find top mom blogs,

 Jan Pierce, M.Ed., is a retired teacher, reading specialist, and freelance writer. She is the author of Homegrown Readers and Homegrown Family Fun. Find her at 



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