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Ready, Set, Prep! The Ultimate Back-To-School Checklist

Whether you are just getting back from a vacation with extended family or you spent your summer relaxing at home sweet home, the back-to-school bell is ready to ring. How will you get all your shopping done with minimal stress?

If only that list of school supplies posted by your school each year was more comprehensive, you could get all of your shopping and back-to-school planning done in just one day. But, sadly, the school’s list only covers the basic school supplies needed for your child in the classroom.

Never fear. Here is a list of all the crucial items you will want to check off your list before the first day of school arrives. This list will help you get organized so you can get all your preparation done in just a few hours and then finish any other shopping up the first week of school.

Will you purchase everything on these lists? Probably not. Chances are good you already have some of these items on hand or can utilize hand-me-downs or pick items up second-hand or on clearance.

Use this list to squeeze some more fun out of summer because it has all your back-to-school to-dos covered!

For each child

School clothes
Undershirts, tank tops or bras
Pants and jeans
Dresses, skirts and skorts
Jackets, scarves, hats and gloves
Hair accessories

Everyday supplies

Thermos or water bottle
Hot and cold lunch containers
Replaceable silverware
Disposable bags or foil
Combination lock
Locker décor
A permanent marker for labeling each item

For the extracurricular bag

Gym bag
Workout clothes or uniform
Special underwear, if needed
Cleats, sneakers or special shoes
Mouth guards, pads or other specific gear
Portable hair care items
A water bottle

For the whole family

A well-stocked pantry
Breakfast foods
Sandwich supplies
Healthy chips
Sturdy fruit
Granola bars
Sweet treats
Low or no sugar drinks
After-school snacks

Scheduling central

A wall calendar
A bulletin board for upcoming event papers
A white board for lists and reminders
Fresh pens, markers and dry-erase markers
Cubbies or pockets to sort school papers on the fly
A clothesline on which to display excellent work
A drawer or nook for parent-student directories
A central place to keep digital devices parked and charging

Homework central

Backpack, sport bag, shoe storage area
Pencils and pens
Pencil sharpener
Tape dispenser
Paper clips and alligator clips
Plain white paper
Lined paper pads

Christina is a busy author and journalist who loves to get big tasks broken down and done all in one day whenever possible. Her latest book is The Art of Making Time for Yourself, A Collection of Advice For Moms.

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