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Fashionably ‘Back to School’

Back to School.’ I don’t know about you but when I hear or see these words, I get excited and sad all at the same time. Sad that another school year is about to start and my kids are growing older, (as am I), and sad that my poor credit card is going on another binge ‘diet.’

The sadness is short-lived, though, because excitement sets in. I will no longer need to innovate entertainment for them or hear that they are bored. Woohoo! I love my children, but coming up with new things every day to avoid boredom is exhausting. Plus, who doesn’t like shopping! My kids like that they’re getting new gear, but I think I’m just as excited as they are going to fill their closets with Fall must-haves!

Here are a few key must-have pieces to stay on point and on trend with your kids’ back-to-school gear:

Grey denim. A good pair of denim is a staple in my kids’ closets. Denim is durable, comfortable and does not necessarily drastically change in style - at least not for kids. This is the year of grey denim: A grey denim vest, a bomber jacket or a great pair of dark grey jeans.

Prints. Don’t be afraid of prints. I know that for the most part, we like to stick to solid colors or graphic T-shirts and that’s fine, but add an accent to the solids with a printed kimono top or printed sweater. For the younger kids, you will see more aviary prints and for the older kids, darker floral patterns (for both boys and girls). Geometric prints are also quite nice. Ombre and tie-dye too are neat patterns. You’ll see tie-dye prominently in sportier wear.

Colors. When you think Fall, you often think of darker, earthier tones. This Fall season, I found that along with prints, there seems to be a pickup on vibrancy in color; paired skillfully with an offsetting neutral darker undertone. You will see a bit of mint green, vibrant burgundy, earthy yellow tones and bright pinks. Colors to add into your kids’ closets, if they don’t already have them, are African Violet and Dark Cocoa. These two colors are the Fall 2014/2015 color trend.

Knits, vests and bomber jackets. Knitted sweaters, vests and layering jackets are staples in any Canadian’s closet. A good knitted sweater as a top layer or a knitted kimono would be a fantastic addition to your daughter’s closet. For your son, the bomber jackets are back, but in a slimmer fit and quilted, as well as sleeveless hooded vests as a Fall layering piece makes for a great versatile look too.

‘Relaxed’ fashion. Comfortable clothing is important, especially for our children who are always on the go. This trend is probably more comfortable than the others that I’ve previously mentioned. Harem pants seem to be making their way back from the late 80s and for some reason, metallic is making a comeback as well. You don’t necessarily have to go out and make sure this specific trend is in your kids’ closets, but you will start to see these styles in a few stores and though they won’t seem very appealing at first, they’re actually done tastefully and are kind of cute - for all ages!

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