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Early Years

Playschool is More Than Just Fun!

Daycare and preschool present enormous benefits for your child. “Both offer kids experiences they might not get at home, such as exposure to a larger social environment that can help them learn how to get along well with others,” says Cathy Keller, the director of a preschool and infant care centre. Who knew that 18 month olds could have friends? When kids go to daycare and preschool, their schedule tends to fill up with play-dates and birthday parties. Developmentally, kids who’ve done at least a year of preschool are more ready to jump into the learning environment of Kindergarten too.

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Making a Communication Connection With Your Preschooler

Do you want to have interesting conversations and communicate openly with your teenager? Here’s a secret: Developing a strong communication connection with your child begins by learning the best ways to communicate with your preschool-age child.

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Reading Around the Home

There are many ways you can promote reading with your children other than through books. While books are of course a wonderful resource, your home also provides a variety of additional reading material.

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As Simple as ABC? How You Can Help Your Child With Reading

It’s back-to-school time! Often, as parents, we are pleased to settle into familiar routines and see our child back in the classroom ready to learn with the care and support of their new teacher. We may wonder about our role at home: How do we, as parents or caregivers, complement our child’s learning in school?

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