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Games People Play - Top Ten Games

Here is our top ten game roundup! These are in no particular order.

1. Quoridor, Ages 6+
Each turn you can move or put up a fence to block your opponent, but will it block you later? The first player to cross the board is the winner. This game is from a series of great and engaging strategy games. If you like it there are plenty more! By Gigamic.

2. Amazing Labyrinth and Master Labyrinth, Ages 8+
The junior and more advanced version of the game of quest for magical items. Plot your course within the maze to collect each item but remember each player's turn shifts the maze. Will it still be there when your turn comes around? By Ravensberger.

3. Coco Crazy, Ages 7+
Six coconuts with six monkeys in each. The monkeys keep changing places. Can you remember where they are and find one of each colour? By Ravensberger.

4. Open Sesame, Ages 7+
Unlock Ali Baba's secret chest by setting the last lock correctly. How much treasure do you dare to take before a snake appears and you lose it all? New from Ravensberger.

5. Parcheesi/Sorry/Trouble, Ages 6+
A classic game and its modern counterparts. Simple idea allows young children to learn game playing etiquette.

6. Scotland Yard, Ages 10+
Mr. X is hiding somewhere in London. Use your detective skills and transportation tokens to track him down. By Ravensberger.

7. Cranium Cadoo, Ages 7+
Kid's version of the popular adult game. What will you do on your turn? Act, sketch, sculpt, crack a secret code, you never know!

8. Twister, Ages 6+
A fun physical game. Adults love it and so do kids!

9. Yahtzee, Ages 8+
Roll the dice and choose your score. Great for practicing math skills painlessly. Small size makes it ideal for travel too.

10. Cathedral, Ages 8+
Elegant, wooden, strategy game for two. Build and defend your section of a medieval town, while preventing your opponent from doing the same.

Wendy and her husband Tom own and operate Games People Play Inc. in the North Hill Shopping Centre. They are closely supervised by their three and seven-year-old son and daughter who think everybody grows up in a game and toy store.

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