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Meals on the Move - Have an Indoor Picnic

March and April can be the cruelest of months. The sun shines brilliantly through your windows promising warmer days ahead, but you are met at the door with an icy blast; this is Mother Nature’s way of telling you that even though the calendar says it’s spring, Old Man Winter is not finished playing with you just yet.

The Alberta sun is shining with such promise through your windows that you don’t want to waste it. Put that sunshine to good use and stage an indoor picnic. If you are lucky enough to have a south-facing window, it’s an ideal spot to fool your body and soul into thinking that warmer weather has indeed arrived.

As with most events, the preparation is just as exciting, and sometimes more fun, than the main event. Get your little ones involved in the planning. And if you want, you can stretch the planning into a two-day affair. It all starts with the menu. Now is the time to splurge on those little watermelons and plump berries if your grocery store imports them. If you have time, how about an extra trip to a bakery with your children along (not an in-store bakery) but a honest to goodness, you can smell the bread from two blocks away bakery?

The wee ones can help pack the basket with the food and drink (drink boxes or cups with lids work best). Don’t forget napkins, I am sure you have some left over from birthday parties…what are you saving them for? Use them up. Gather everything into a basket, and let your toddler be ever so helpful and carry it.

Lastly, spread a great big old blanket on the sunny spot in your home. Don’t forget a pillow or two for lounging. And for once, don’t worry about the crumbs and mess, because the blanket can be shaken out, and the containers all placed back in the basket to be dealt with at a later time.

Even if your little one is still too small to partake in the food, the sun is a great spot for an afternoon nap, perhaps a nap for you and the baby; we can dream, can’t we? And what would a picnic be without Ants or Antz as the movie is spelt, or maybe A Bug’s Life? The picnic can end with books or movies that have an outdoor theme, and who knows…with the children happy you might be able to finish off the latest edition of Calgary’s Child.

Bon Appetite!

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