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Rainy-Day Activities

When it’s raining, you probably turn to your tried-and-true activities for indoor fun: Movie marathons, at-home spa treatments, or a classic board game competition. But what if you’ve exhausted all of your usual go-to plans?

Check out these suggestions for out of the box rainy-day activities:

You’re a superstar! Get those creative juices flowing and produce a movie. (Depending on your kids’ ages, this can be made more challenging or less challenging with parental involvement.) Come up with a concept for your movie, plan out the key scenes, location of the scenes, and determine what costumes and props are required. Shoot each scene separately (make sure you’re using horizontal orientation on your phone). Then edit the scenes together by using a free video editor, like iMovie.

Bon Appétit. Plan a restaurant - from concept to cleaning up the dirty dishes. Start by coming up with a theme, menu, and décor. Make sure the menu is something your kids can cook or chop on their own or with minimal supervision, if possible. Draw out the menu using pictures for younger kids or careful printing for older ones. Once everything is organized, the ‘customers’ can arrive, and your kids can be the servers and cooks. At the end of the meal, have everyone pitch in to help clean and close up shop for the evening.

Start your engines! Create a race car track. If you have masking tape and toy cars, you have everything you need to create a racetrack throughout your home. Before you begin, do a walk-through, looking at all the spaces you can have fun with, and then draw a diagram. Once you have a plan, tear off pieces of tape and have the kids help lay out the track. With your track complete, your kids can hold timed races or competitions to see who can do the best trick moves.

Return to the ice age. If you have younger children and know a rainy day is on the horizon, plan ahead with a fun frozen activity. Take a couple smaller toys that can withstand water and ice and freeze them overnight in plastic containers. When the time comes to play with the toys, run hot water around the outside of the containers to loosen the blocks out. Put the blocks of ice in the bathtub or on a towel and have the kids discover the best method for getting the toys out; it’s part of the fun!

The hunt for buried treasure. What kid doesn’t love a good treasure hunt? While the kids are busy, or fast asleep at night, draw out a treasure map and plan out some clues that can be found around the house. For older kids, have them solve riddles to find the next clue. Hide a special prize where X marks the spot on the map. Prizes could be summer-related: kiddie pool, umbrellas, sunscreen, beach or sand toys, bubble sticks, etc.

Other out-of-the-box activities?

  • Pretend you’re at a summer festival and try your hand at face painting

  • Look up fun science experiments

  • Build a giant Lego maze

  • Paint rocks to decorate your garden

  • Have the kids create beautiful thank-you cards for our frontline workers

  • Dare to venture outside and jump in those big puddles!

  • Throw a family pizza party (don’t forget the tunes!)

  • Sort through old clothes, books, and toys and then donate to a good cause

  • Create a family time capsule (2020 and 2021 have created unique memories - to say the least - for everyone!)

  • Rearrange the kids’ bedrooms (a change of scenery is always a good thing!)

May the rain pour this summer, so you can create some unique indoor memories with your family!

Genevieve is a mom of two, works in marketing, and writes in her (very minimal) free time. Follow her funny mom alter-ego on Instagram

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