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Plan a Girlfriends Weekend Getaway - Recharge and Nourish Your Ever-giving, Ever-loving Mommy Soul

Nothing will re-energize and renew your outlook on life like a few days away from your everyday routine. We’re only human; and taking time for ourselves is guaranteed to mend, recharge and nourish your ever-giving, ever-loving mommy soul.

As moms, there’s only so much we can give out before we burn out. If your family is like mine, September and October can be some of the busiest times of the year. Getting your family back into a routine after a slow paced summer can get pretty overwhelming. Organizing your family’s life around school, kids’ activities (and accompanying volunteer obligations) and your work commitments can become a challenge. Not to mention making lunches, signing school forms, and outfitting your kids with all the gear they’ll need for school, sports and hobbies. And just when you think you’re all caught up, another form or request comes home in your child’s backpack. It’s enough to send you running for the hills.

Running for the hills? Now, that’s an idea! But even better, why not escape to a lake or mountain retreat? Afraid you can’t find time for yourself on the color-coded calendar hanging on your fridge? The bottom line is that you need to find the time.

One way to make the escape is by getting a few girlfriends together for a weekend of girl time sans children. And leave the guilt behind with your children, too! It doesn’t mean you don’t love your children any less if you leave them with their dad or grandparents for the weekend. Au contraire, it means you love them enough not to run yourself down and become a grouchy, tired mom that’s no fun to be around. Trust me, I’m sure your kids will, ultimately, appreciate the break from you, too!

Read on for how to get out of town.

Who should you go with? Well, make sure you plan to go with girlfriends that all enjoy each other’s company. Once you start sharing the idea of getting away for a few days, you’ll have more than enough takers. Should you decide to book a hotel or rent a cabin, car pool or buy groceries, then the costs can be split up amongst all of you.

Where should you go? Ask around and see if someone has a cabin at a lake or in the mountains that they wouldn’t mind renting out to you inexpensively. (Divided, say, four ways, this approach can work out to be very economical.) Ideally, it should be a place where you can get some fresh air while becoming one with nature. Yes, I said becoming one with nature; you’re relaxing already, aren’t you?

What should you pack? Comfortable walking shoes, warm clothing, slippers and fuzzy pajamas. Pack at least one nice outfit in case you decide to go out to eat.

What should you eat? Stock up on your favorite foods. How often do you get to indulge uninterrupted without worrying about getting busted for not sharing? I’m thinking chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. You could have a theme for dinner to make it easy to pick up groceries – perhaps Mexican, Greek or spa food.

What should you drink? It will definitely be a great time to enjoy a nice bottle of wine in relaxing surroundings. Or you can theme the cocktails toward your menu, for instance, margaritas with your Mexican meal. Or lots of cleansing lemon water and green tea for a spa weekend.

Five perfect videos for a girlfriends getaway:

1. P.S. I Love You 

2. Chocolat

3. Under the Tuscan Sun

4. Sex and the City

5. Nights in Rodanthe (once it’s out on DVD!).

Five perfect activities for a girlfriends getaway:

1. Spa time. Even small towns offer massage or spa-type treatments. Research and book appointments ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

2. Exercise. Hiking or walking makes you feel great – and will help metabolize some of those great foods you’ll be eating. If there’s snow, rent snowshoes!

3. Reading. Take a book along that you haven’t had time to read. Or some great magazines to
zone out with.

4. Lazy breakfasts. Enjoy lingering over your second cup of coffee. Whether it’s eggs benedict or yogurt & berries with hearty muffins, indulge in a scrumptious start to the morning.

5. Alone time. Plan to have time to yourself, too. You’ll appreciate some time to ponder your life and maybe make some goals for when it’s time to return
to the real world.

Lesli is a freelance writer and contributor to CCM.



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