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Taking a Road Trip with Your Baby

Off to Grandmother’s house we go! And you’re driving - how can you make the long trip enjoyable with a baby along? There’s no question that marathon car trips with a baby on board take a good amount of planning and organization. But it can be done - and yes, it can even be fun.

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Out and About – Smooth Flights

Flying with young children may seem liking a daunting undertaking. After all we’ve probably all smiled sympathetically across the plane at a frazzled parent with their inconsolable infant or the bored-to-tears toddler. “Air travel with young children doesn’t have to consist of fussing and crying, with a little planning and a preparation, travel with children can go off without a hitch” says Lesley Keyter, The Travel Lady.

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Budget-Friendly Family Fun for the Holidays!

At this time of year, things tend to get pricey. Between gifts, warm clothes and the arrival of snow-sport season, you may already feel holes burning in your pockets. Luckily, ‘tis the season for holiday cheer, so let’s cool those pockets with 10 great ideas for budget-friendly family fun and money-saving tips.

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Calgary on the Cheap: Ten Money-Saving Tips for Back to School

Welcome to the back-to-school edition of Calgary on the Cheap, where you’ll find helpful advice for budget-friendly family fun and tips on keeping your costs down for back-to-school shopping. Here are 10 tips for sticking to the budget at this costly time of year.

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