PCA 2020

Weekend Adventures

Spring into Camping Season the Right Way

It’s time to break those trailers out of storage, shake winter dust out of those tents and book reservations.

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Kick the Snow off Those Hiking Shoes

The spring sun is slowly forcing its way through the winter clouds. It is beckoning to Calgarians, inviting them to start kicking the snow off their shoes, and to start exploring the magnificent hiking trails gracing the surrounding area.

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Taking A Break Over March Break

Now that it’s March and the malls are showcasing their spring lines, it’s hard not to wait impatiently for the snow to melt and the flowers to bloom. Hard not to think about longer days and talking leisurely walks outside. Another sign of spring is March Break since the first day of spring occurs during the time that most Canadian children are enjoying their week off school.

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Over the River and Through the Woods - Tips for Family Hikes

Spring and the upcoming summer are great times to explore your region’s parks and trails. But you need more than sunscreen, water and high-energy snacks to enjoy a family hike. To maximize the fun and keep the cries of, “Are we there yet?” to a minimum, try these suggestions.

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