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Weekend Adventures

Top 5 Badlands Adventures

Most Calgarians have visited the Badlands at least once - this incredible, unique geological formation stretches all the way down to Arizona. It’s home to unique plant and animal life, rich natural resources, incredible rock formations - and, at least in our part of the Badlands, some world-class hospitality. As your kids grow older, it can be hard to plan long vacations around their increasingly busy schedules. While the Rocky Mountains are known far and wide as a great winter destination, the Badlands are a hidden treasure full of interesting day trips which can be easily accomplished on a weekend - right in our own backyard. Here are our top five picks for a weekend of fun which should please even the pickiest teen!

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Enjoy Lake Louise this Spring

Most of us would love to spend Spring Break on a tropical beach somewhere, but Lake Louise has its own magic and appeal that draws visitors from around the world. Play ‘tourist’ for a few days and see why this destination is bucket-list worthy for so many people.

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10 Ways to Plan an Awesome Ski Day

Many families love skiing but confess to feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of having to wake up early on a Saturday morning to go skiing after working all week. They dread having to coax the kids out of bed (also tired from a full week of school) and fear the preparation required to get everyone on the ski hill for the day. Fortunately, there are ways to plan an awesome ski day that could even be considered ‘stress-free’ and fun!

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3 Ways to Plan a Successful Family Ski Weekend

As a family, I have taken many ski getaways, and have learned over the years how to plan a trip that will really stand out as our winter highlight. My suggestions below are the consistent top three factors for my family’s ski weekends success.

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