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Extracurricular Activities: What to Do When Your Child Wants to Quit

You spent three years driving your young and greatly promising son to hockey at 5am three times a week, and now he wants to quit. Your daughter is an amazing tennis player, has been chosen to play pro, but would rather stay home and update her social networking page. You know that if your children only applied themselves in what they are good at, they would go far, but how do you convince them of that?

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Is there an underlying issue? Mind & Body Struggles

Most adults who take good care of their body’s physical needs and work out regularly are alert and have good mental health. Although there are always exceptions to general statements like the one just made, for the most part, a healthy body and healthy mind go together. However, this is not true for all children and teenagers.

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Fast Food & the Lean, Mean Teen: Seven Ways to Make Healthier (and Skinnier) Choices at the Drive-Thru

Being a teen is tough. Most days your schedule is jam-packed with activities from the time you crawl out of bed to the time you face-plant onto your mattress at night. You're balancing school, social life, homework, chores, and a host of extracurricular stuff that might range from sports to band practice to an after-school job. You really don't have time to plan out your meals and count calories - but you still want to be healthy (and - let's face it - look great in those trendy new jeans).

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Bullying... Is It More Than Sticks and Stones?


Bullying is thought of as being an ordinary passage of growing up. We all remember being pelted with some sort of hurtful words. Some kids remember being beaten up on the playground. Although this wounded many children of generations past, it wasn't always taken seriously. When we hear the word "bully," we continue to think of it as not a big deal. However, bullying has changed. It is more than words or getting teased on the playground. It is inescapable harassment, physical assault, verbal abuse and a constant barrage of cyber attacks that leave kids feeling defeated, fearful and alone.

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