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Health & Wellness

Protecting Our Daughters - The New HPV Vaccine

It may seem strange to be reading about genital warts and cervical cancer in a parenting magazine. However, the recent development of a vaccination for human papilloma virus for girls and women between 9 and 25, has forced all parents of daughters to educate themselves about this major medical development.

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For Fitness? Sake - Mythbusters

When I hear similar questions asked by clients or group fitness participants, I know it’s time to re-address some of the more common myths about fitness and how it connects to wellness. Sometimes I wonder if we allow these myths to perpetuate so we have an excuse for non-compliance to healthful fitness and food behavior. No, that can’t be it! Read this article several times and develop a plan to address those myths that have been holding you back.

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The Bug Stops Here! - Managing the Common Cold

As the leaves turn yellow and there is a bite in the air, our thoughts turn to winter and the inevitable colds, coughs, and congestion that come with moving indoors. As you look at a wall of decongestants, cough suppressants and expectorants at your local pharmacy, how do you choose the best products to ease your family's suffering?

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Understanding Addiction - What You Need to Know

The road to addiction is a slippery slope that begins with experimentation and can end with addiction. Some reasons that youth experiment with alcohol and other drugs are curiosity, the excitement of taking a risk, because of peer pressure, depression, hopelessness or simply to defy their parents (or any authority figure.)

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