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Mental Health

Walking the Parental Balance Beam - Check in on Your Stress Level

2012 was not the most promising year in the health of many parents we know. Come to think of it, neither was 2011. We witnessed everything from serious physical health issues to emotional and relationship concerns. Are we wearing down from the extra demands parents face?

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How to Beat the Winter Blues

During the cold, dark days of winter, you may feel sad and slowed down. Psychiatrist Norman Rosenthal, MD, author of Winter Blues, estimates 6 per cent of adults experience a debilitating depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Another 16 per cent experience milder winter blues.

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15 Things I Learned from My Nervous Breakdown… and How They Can Help You Live Your Best Life

I suffered a nervous breakdown at age 36 - and it turned out to be a breakthrough. Here are 15 important things about life and happiness that I have learned, and that I hope you will take to heart in the coming year.

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Surefire Strategies for Success over Stress - How to Build Lasting Resilience!

Stress can and does cause medical symptoms with no disease present. In fact, it has been estimated by medical practitioners that up to 75 per cent of the patients they treat have real symptoms, but these symptoms are caused by stress alone, not by a disease.

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