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Back-to-School Safety

We all know that back to school can be both exciting and stressful for parents, especially if it’s your child’s first time in school. You may be wondering how to make sure your kids will stay safe in the months and adventures ahead. That’s why I’m offering you some tips to help ease the transition as kids hit the books this Fall.

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Summer Safety 101

Summer is a time of adventure and freedom for our children. While it is important to build a sense of independence in our children, it is also our job as both parents and as a Police Service to ensure that our children stay safe in their adventures.

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Dangerous Summer UV Radiation Causes Vision Loss

As we head into the warm summer months, we find ourselves spending more time outside. Although the sunshine means we get to relax in the sun and enjoy outdoor summer activities, it’s not all fun and games when it comes to our eye health. 

During the summer, we are exposed to an increased amount of UV radiation, putting us at risk of developing serious vision problems.

While sunburns are visible and can be easily identified, internal eye damage can often go undetected, putting our vision at risk. This is especially dangerous for children.

 "Children are exposed to a lot more UV radiation than adults because they spend so much time outside," says Dr. Mark Ross of Eye Spy Optometry. "That exposure adds up over time, and can lead to problems such as cataracts, damage to the cornea and degeneration of the retina." 

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Dashing Through the Snow! Sledding Safely

An activity synonymous with winter, thousands of children enjoy sledding outside each year. Whether you travel to the slopes to get your fix of wintry fun or have a plethora of powder in your own back yard, the joys of speeding down a hill on a sled can make it easy to forget that these activities can also lead to injuries. Taking a few simple safety precautions can help keep you and your children secure this winter.

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