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Summer Safety 101

Summer is a time of adventure and freedom for our children. While it is important to build a sense of independence in our children, it is also our job as both parents and as a Police Service to ensure that our children stay safe in their adventures.

When kids go out, they should always use the buddy system. Set the rules about where in the neighborhood they are allowed to play. Children should never play in unsupervised areas such as vacant lots, empty buildings, construction sites, riverbeds and creeks, or in dark, wooded areas.

No helmet, no bike. Everyone should wear a helmet while cycling, and anyone under the age of 18 years of age is required to wear one by law. Do your part to ensure your child learns good bicycle safety habits at an early age and knows how to stay safe when cycling. For more information and safety tips for you and your family, visit

Summertime is packed with the excitement of parades, concerts and events. Make sure your kids know where to go if they get lost, or how to find a trustworthy person to ask for help.

When there is water, there is risk. When you sign your children up for swimming lessons, ensure that they always wear appropriate flotation devices and teach them how to stay safe in the water. For additional information on water safety, visit the Calgary Fire Department’s website at

Plan ahead. Create a weekly schedule of various outings that your child wants to attend. This will help you keep track of where your child is and whom they will be going with. It’s also a good idea to have check-in times throughout the day when your child is expected to call you.

Get prepared as a family. Make sure your kids know where to go in an emergency, and when to call 911. To learn more about emergency preparedness, visit the Calgary Emergency Management Agency’s website at

Children’s safety is always the top priority. By talking to your kids about the potential hazards they may encounter both inside and outside the home, you will help them build the adaptability and resiliency needed to face today’s world. Thank you for making this summer a safe and memorable one for you and your family.

Paul Cook is the interim Chief of Police for the Calgary Police Service.


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