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Keeping Backyard Play Safe

Especially in the summer months, children can be found playing in the 'safety of their backyards'.  To help keep them safe, parents must be aware that there are many potential hazards in the backyard that can result in injury to their children. Calgary EMS would like to pass along these important backyard safety tips.

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Helmet Safety

Bicycle crashes are the leading cause of brain injury to school aged children. Every year Calgary paramedics respond to medical emergencies where helmets have prevented a serious injury or saved a life. While this is encouraging, there are still a significant number of people that do not wear a helmet. Helmet safety for cyclists has received a great deal of attention and a Provincial law now requires anyone under 18 years of age to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle. However, a helmet should also be worn when using a skateboard, in-line skates or a scooter.

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KEEPING YOUR KIDS SAFE - Four Must Know Tips to Teach Them

Any family’s worst nightmare is to have a child go missing. Unfortunately, that is a reality for thousands of Canadians each year. The Missing Children Society of Canada (MCSC) is there to support these families in their search for their children; we can also offer some helpful tips to prevent this from happening to you in the first place.

Potential abductors often use opportunity, familiarity or threats in order to take a child. They are also now using the Internet. By teaching your child the following basic safety tips and by being involved in their life, you will give them the best protection they can get next to having you right by their side.

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Protecting Our Daughters - The New HPV Vaccine

It may seem strange to be reading about genital warts and cervical cancer in a parenting magazine. However, the recent development of a vaccination for human papilloma virus for girls and women between 9 and 25, has forced all parents of daughters to educate themselves about this major medical development.

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