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Back to Basics - Is Your Backpack a Pain in the Neck?

You've just finished buying new school clothes and loaded up on all the supplies. Now it's time to buy a backpack.

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Toboggan Safety Tips

First Check out the hill: 

Choose snowy hills, free of ice with a gentle slope and long run off area. Be sure the hill is free of bumps, holes and obstacles such as trees, signs, fences and rocks. Stay away from roads, rivers, railways and parking lots. Only sled in the daylight or on well-lit hills and to reduce the risk of hypothermia and frostbite, don't go out below -19°C.

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Icy Spring Dangers

There’s only one absolute when it comes to safety around ice: just stay off.

As spring approaches and the days get longer and the sun gets warmer, children are intrigued by melting snow and ice and the attractive rivulets of water that run over and under the winter build-up.  That intrigue and curiosity can lead youngsters to larger and more dangerous flows of spring water – Calgary’s rivers, canals and lakes.  As the ice melts and breaks up along our waterways, please use the opportunity to educate your children about the dangers of ice, and supervise them closely.

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Campers Guide To Food Safety

Some of the best family meals are cooked on a camp stove or over a fire pit and eaten at the campsite picnic table.

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