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Home Bursting at the Seams? Home Improvement Meets Smart Storage

Is your home bursting at the seams? Are you exhausted with the piles that seem to grow overnight? Think you need a bigger home? More square footage won’t solve the problem, but how you design and organize the storage spaces will. The reality is, not all open concept homes use space effectively. The result is non-functioning areas that enable disorganization. With a little creativity and a storage design plan, even 1,000 square feet can feel spacious! Whether you are tackling a large scale reno or a few DIY mini-projects, here’s a few ideas to inspire!

There are many hidden spaces in your home waiting to be used in a more efficient way. The short flight of stairs in your back entry can become storage drawers. Having these few extra spaces can make life so much easier for your kids to find and put away their outerwear. The best part, it doesn’t require reaching on a top shelf or locker cubby. If you’re looking to really shake things up, replace the empty space under your stairs with a closed wardrobe concept or stack modular pieces in descending order. Your friends will envy your boldness!

Create double-duty areas in your home.
If your last teen has left the nest, turn that extra space into an office/spare room. Murphy beds with drawer options offer a comfortable space for guests, and allow for another function in the room. If your children are young, carve out a space in the kitchen for a communication centre. Line the insides of the cupboard doors with cork or magnetic calendar, and organize homework supplies inside the cupboard.

Whether you build or purchase, think multi-functional when planning any space.
Don’t spend your cash on furniture unless it is a double-duty piece. If you need a coffee table, buy a storage ottoman instead. Perhaps you’re in the market for a bedroom suite. Headboards with built-in storage are a smart idea. Avoid nasty dust bunnies from collecting under the bed and opt for drawers built in the frame. Additionally, window seats can provide much needed storage in any room. Open cubbies for toys and games, or drawers with hanging files help keep living spaces organized.

Utilize wall space and create vertical storage to compensate for limited floor space.
The potential for storage behind bedroom, bathroom, pantry and even cupboard doors is huge! These overlooked spaces can keep the small stuff off the floor and tucked away in an organized fashion. A simple towel rod with S hooks or hanging containers can become a home for scarves, belts, jewelry and toiletries.

Spring is in the air and homeowners are motivated to tackle the challenging spaces in their abodes. Simple changes in your home’s storage can enhance the way you and your family live. Taking an otherwise ‘dead’ space and creating function is empowering and fun! Now get busy, get creative and make spaces you can’t wait to get home to every night.

Sylvia is a storage design and organizing expert. She creates storage solutions for those challenging spaces in your home.


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