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Decorating Your Child's Bedroom

Whether you're planning for your new arrival's nursery, a 'big kid' room for your little one or have children on the cusp of that tween and teenage change, there are many design options that you will like, and they will love!




Keep this room simple and stylish, especially if you plan on using it as they get older. Try neutral wall colors, and add fun details with vinyl decals. The vinyl decals are an inexpensive and easy design element to change out and replace.


Girls' rooms - Soft pinks may be the typical color choice to decorate with, but try branching out into mixing the pink with light blues, light greens and white. The colors all go well together, and allow for a simple change when you want something different.


Boys' rooms - Blue might be the mainstay for parents who know they're having a boy, but changing it up can give you many different decorating options. Adding oranges, grays and red to your blue palette gives you endless complimentary combinations.


If you decorate your nursery with simple designs and colors, they are easily changed when your children grow older and start to have specific preferences.


Kids' rooms


Making the bedroom fun and functional can be a challenge, but isn't impossible. It's important to have your child involved in the process. Their tastes should be considered when decorating, as it is the space that they will be spending the most time in.


Here are some handy tips when decorating for your child's room:


  • Let your children pick the color palette - hot trends right now include lime green and vibrant aqua, but they might like something different, like nature-inspired neutrals.
  • Use eco-friendly materials where possible - low or zero VOC (volatile organic compound) latex paint, solid wood furniture (instead of chemical off-gassing fibreboard and plywood) and cotton window treatments are all good choices.
  • Buy investment pieces - to avoid a cheaper, assembly-line look, buy well-constructed pieces. They will last longer, and can be adapted in the bedroom or even other rooms over time.
  • Cheap and cheerful accessories - throw blankets, pillows, wall art, stuffed toys, lamps and area rugs are easy and inexpensive ways to dress up and change up the room.
  • Add storage - rooms will stay clean and organized with baskets, shelves and bookcases. Make sure they're properly fastened for a safe environment.


Transitional rooms

As the kids grow into tweens and teenagers, give them more freedom to pick what they would like to have. Try looking through catalogues together, and going to furniture stores for inspiration.


Also, look ahead when you're putting together your teen's room. Much of this furniture will be taken into a first apartment. Pieces that are multi-use, like a loft bed and desk combination, can be ideal for smaller spaces both now and in the future.


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