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Cooking up a Storm with Modern Kitchen Design

The Kitchen: It can be the centre of entertaining, casual meals, family get-togethers and more! Keeping it organized and modern can be tricky. However, new kitchen trends are making that easier for you through clean lines, bright lights and hidden features!


The design of this space has changed a lot over time. New designs mean we are no longer destined to cooking in cramped spaces. Simple lines are everywhere in new kitchens with big open spaces that have family gatherings in mind. Creating a space that focuses on saving money by cooking at home, making cooking into a hobby and improving your family’s health through food are all elements that are going into kitchen design.

The shift in style toward a more modern kitchen is seen in the size. Large kitchens that are open to dining and living areas are essential. Kitchen islands are becoming a centerpiece. These islands create more food preparation space, kitchen storage and have a social function. With a few stools pulled up, the kitchen island becomes a place where you can cook and spend time with your guests while they sip pre-dinner cocktails, or help the kids while they do their homework.


There has been a transition from dark to light in these modern kitchens. While dark maple stained cabinets, dark granite and dark floors have been popular in the recent past, lighter neutrals are taking over. Natural finishes and stains create a lighter and more modern elegance to new kitchens. Grey and green are both new neutrals that give timeless warmth to the room. Mixing the warmth of natural finish wood with white is also very popular. Pops of color in smaller appliances and accessories also brighten the room, so keep your eye out for items in bright orange, red, green or turquoise.


A major transition in kitchens is the increase in available light. These lights are not just functional, but are also important for creating a welcoming ambiance. LED lights are found underneath cabinets and even within some appliances. Adding a chandelier over the sink or island is a fun touch. There are also modern hood vents with completely different shapes that look like a modern light fixture, but accomplish the same job. This layered combination of task and ambient lighting can continue into other areas of your home, so the inviting feel is felt throughout.


A big change is the inclusion of glass into new kitchens. Frosted glass cabinet doors add more light to the room. A huge trend is backsplashes of paneled glass. These backsplashes are usually back painted, and is a unique and modern way of adding color into your kitchen. The combination of under cabinet lighting and backsplashes add a glow to the whole room.

Maximizing space

A big trend is streamlining and hiding clutter. If you are building a new home, consider matching appliances that blend into the cabinetry. This will give your kitchen the cleanest lines. There are also new options for cabinets that you can keep smaller appliances in. When they’re not in use, they’re hidden away, but are still easily accessed when needed. These changes are designed to keep a minimalist look of clean counters and give you more work space in your kitchen. Expect to see recessed handles and one-touch drawers as well.

Whether it’s big or small, neat or messy, the kitchen is essential to you and your family. Ideas range from reasonable to the exorbitant, so make sure to pick something that works best for you and your budget. The meeting of functionality and modern design means your kitchen will be beautiful both now and for years to come.

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