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Stand-Out, Back-To-School Hair: Tips, Techniques and Trends


With the crisp fall air just around the corner and back to school looming, parents everywhere are getting their kids ready for the big day. Beaners Fun Cuts for Kids offers advice to ensure kids head back to school in style with the following tips, trends and time-saving techniques:

Health and vitality - Fall is the time to add health and vitality back into hair. First and foremost, cutting or trimming that damaged summer hair will help give it new life and have it looking bouncy and beautiful in time for the first day of school. If it’s extremely sun or water damaged, consider a deep condition (Beaners offers one called “2 Deep”). A deep conditioning treatment is a good idea after a summer of hair hardship. Let the deep conditioner sit on the hair for five to 10 minutes (add heat for even more benefits). Repeat once a week or as needed until the hair is in tiptop shape for back to school!

Ease of styling
- After a leisurely summer of relaxing, sleeping in and playing all day long, fall brings families back to reality with schedules, routines and rushed mornings. Consider a style for your child that is easy for them to maintain on their own. If kids can help ‘do’ their hair themselves, it’s one more thing off your plate in the busy morning while also building a sense of independence. If kids are going to help in the management of their own hair, consider a cut they can work with - for girls, shorter bobs or cuts are much easier for them to brush and style with barrettes or hairbands themselves. If they want to keep their hair long, make sure you have an assortment of headbands, elastics and clips on hand.

Morning madness
- Bathing at night will save time in the morning. If you add a conditioner to your child’s routine, it can even alleviate some of the morning tangles. Washing hair the night before and putting it in a braid is always a good idea for those busy mornings as the hair will be less tangled for rushed brushings and will also have a fun, crimped appearance. A good leave-in detangler will help to brush out that morning bedhead. Again, some headbands and clips are always a good idea for quick and fun styling.

Growing trend
- The latest growing trend for kids’ hairstyles in 2011 is moving toward a modern look while wearing a hairstyle that is easy to manage - fall is the return of blunt bangs! Some other classic trends making a comeback are braids and teased hair. Create a new look with some different styling tools instead of drastically changing their current haircut. Add some body and texture to your hairstyle with some teasing and braids - full braids, partial braids, cornrows, anything goes.

Boy styles -
If your son is looking for a change this fall, try a spiky style; or if they prefer it longer, they can test out a longer, messy look with clean-cut edges. For a longer style, they’ll need to invest in some pomade, wax or a styling gel to aid in easy styling.

Girls galore
- Girls with longer hair need a haircut that can be easily donned into a pony tail or braid to keep it clean and easy to manage in the rush of the morning routine. A bob haircut is often the preferred choice for little girls because it’s easier to maintain and gives older girls the chance to do it themselves. Similarly, pixie haircuts are equally good with little girls who cannot manage their own hair and can still be dressed up with accessories like little hairbands and clips.

Curly whirly
- If your child has curly hair, opt for longer hair that can be placed in a single or multiple ponytails. Layers may also help with combing.

Trust your stylist’s advice about fall styles, and work with them to develop a personalized look to maximize the hair’s best impression. Not every hairstyle needs to be changed radically to work well in a new season. For more information, visit



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