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Ages 0-5

Books to share with new big siblings

Welcoming a new baby to a family is an exciting and joyous occasion, but for an older sibling it can be confusing. New babies sleep and cry a lot, and they sure take up a lot of their parents’ time! Setting expectations and preparing a child for the arrival of a sibling can help to smooth the transition.

Toddlers and young children may have lots of questions about the new baby. Carefully chosen books can help them express their joy, alleviate fears and open up conversation with a child who may not yet have words to explain their feelings.

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Conquer baby clutter

It’s no secret just how much space baby gear can take up in your home. Starting from the newborn stage of cribs, to swings, clothing, toys, gifts from friends and relatives, and everything in between, even the largest of spaces can fill up quickly. Add in all the new items continuously being brought in throughout different phases and as your child's interests change, and before you know it, your home can easily be taken over by everything baby.

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Babysitter blues: Easing separation anxiety

It is normal for your child to feel nervous when it’s time for them to stay with a caregiver. Separation can be difficult for both the child and the parent, but your child can begin to feel comfortable, and separation anxiety will improve with these strategies.

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The toddler instruction manual

“It’s a good thing you are so cute!” 

This is a phrase many parents often think of during the challenging toddler years as they find themselves cleaning up messes, potty training, listening to shouts of “no!” with every suggestion, and watching their child throw yet another tantrum.

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