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Ages 0-5

Baby Blues - When the Tears Won't Stop

Women have a conspiracy; do not admit to anyone that this giving birth business might not fill one to the brim with spiritual and maternal fulfillment. As a psychologist, I come across many new moms who find themselves drawn in this conspiracy and, in turn, are reluctant to draw on the support of others.

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Who's Watching the Kids? Choosing Childcare That's Right For You

Finding the childcare arrangements that best suits your needs and lifestyle just might be the most critical and challenging parenting task.

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Balancing the Baby and the Boss

For many, the decisions around work and family roles seem straight-forward . . . until the baby arrives! Faced with strong feelings of attachment, new time demands, the search for someone good enough to care for your child, and financial pressures, new parents begin to wonder how they will ever achieve a satisfactory balance in their lives.

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The Truth About Vaccinations

We all want to give our children every advantage in order to make their lives healthy and successful.  We enroll them in the best schools and programs to give them the best start we can.  Yet, as a family doctor, I often face parents who either refuse or delay vaccinating their children, claiming they are acting in the best interests of the children. 

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