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Ages 11-17

How to Support Your Transgender Teen

Your teen girl says they are a boy and has been telling you consistently for months that they are transgender. Of course, you love them and want them to live an authentic life by supporting them but you’re not quite sure how to navigate this new territory. Read on for effective ways you can support them.

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Why Social Distancing Can Be Hard for Teens

Most of us have accepted the fact that social distancing is going to be our new normal for at least the foreseeable future. That doesn’t mean that we’re liking it (how’s that for an understatement!), but we’ve demonstrated our willingness to make some short-term sacrifices for the long-term good. In other words, we’ve stepped up by deciding to do the socially responsible thing - for ourselves, for our families, and for our communities. But it’s definitely not easy.

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Boost Your Teen's Self-Esteem

Teen self-esteem is not as tricky as you might think. It’s actually quite easy to understand. Think of their self-esteem as a finicky orchid flower that needs constant attention and its environment around it always seems to be conspiring to wilt it! It is very much the same with an adolescent’s self-esteem.

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6 Things Your Teen Needs

My daughter’s eyes were filled with tears and my voice was louder than needed. We were arguing over something trivial - or so I thought. We were going ‘round and ‘round about the homework she was struggling with. She was convinced she wouldn’t be able to do it, and I was confident she could do it if she pushed through. It was a moment when I could see her potential more than she could. She felt like she was sinking, and all I saw was her refusal to stand up in the shallow water.

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