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Making Way For Baby - Planning The Perfect Shower

Babies, babies and more babies. More babies can only mean one thing – more baby showers! Although fun to attend and a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the new arrival, baby showers can also be a bit overwhelming when you are the one planning them. 

So what are the most popular trends in hosting baby showers? How easily can they be replicated?

New trends

A new trend that has emerged is that baby showers have become fair game for every member of the family. Nowadays, showers can include the second and third child being welcomed and are no longer only reserved for first-borns. Even moms and dads get the spotlight during this wondrous occasion. After all, everyone wins when a new family member arrives.

Showers after the birth are gaining in popularity as well so that appropriate clothing, toys and other items can be given. Joint gifts have become common among friends eager to get the expensive items on baby’s wish list, such as a stroller or high chair. If the expectant parents have created a baby shower registry in stores like Toys R Us and Sears, there should be no shortage of gifts to choose from for stumped guests. Registries also provide ample opportunity for groups to contribute towards big-ticket items.

Top Shower themes

A surefire way to make your event a hit is to create a baby shower theme.  

Baby showers are no exception when it comes to letting your imagination roam. Once you settle on something fun and within your budget, the rest comes naturally, i.e. deciding what type of food to prepare, décor to buy and invitations to send out.

To help with the planning, here are some themes that will get your creative juices flowing:

For couples only -
When hosting a baby shower for the expectant couple, include gifts and games for both parents. Gifts that offer endless hours of play for baby take some of the load off parents. You can even supplement a gift with a book of movie certificates or take-out vouchers, creating the perfect ‘date in’.

Mom as Guest of Honor - This is a great way to celebrate the mother who has a basement full of baby gear - a veteran of multiple showers. In accordance with this theme, décor can be more adult-oriented or catered specifically to the individual. If she likes being pampered, get her spa gift certificates like massages or a manicure/pedicure combination. Gifts like these help shift the focus to treating mom. Throw in some bubble bath, candles and you’re set! Even a baby-sitting fund is a welcome idea among these options.

The gift of time - When the invitations are sent out, each guest is assigned a time of day (bedtime, bath time, etc.) According to this theme, guests are asked to bring a gift that includes the essentials mom and baby would need for their designated time of day.

Age-based theme - This happens when guests are assigned a certain age. It’s best to stick to three-month spans up to 18 or 24 months. Purchasing toys that grow with baby provide tremendous value to new parents. Visit retail websites like for other age-appropriate suggestions.

But, the most important part of the baby shower is time spent with good friends and family. There never seems to be enough hours in a day, so always plan ahead as you would with any other gathering. With these tips and trends in mind, you’re well on your way to throwing the ultimate shower.

Have fun and keep smiling!

Tracy is the author of Mom Management.


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