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Summer Camp Send-Off - A Bon Voyage Party

Preparing to send your children to a summer camp can bring up many emotions both for the children and parents. Many children look forward to their upcoming adventure, while some feel nervous with not knowing what to expect. While preparing your children for their summer camp adventure, a fun family activity would be to throw them a mini bon voyage party. This party is a great way to help build their excitement and ease some of the nervousness they may be experiencing.

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The Perfect Graduation Party from Kindergarten through College

Parties are a great way to celebrate a graduate's achievement with family and friends. Here are some ideas to help you host a party with lots of pomp and circumstance, whether your student is graduating from Kindergarten, high school or college.

Grade A Invitations
Make a grad cap invitation from black cardstock tied with a tassel and write details in silver ink. Or, make personalized report cards with party details added. If you're celebrating a little one's graduation, use lots of block letters and a variety of colors - even let the guest of honor get involved in decorating the invitations with crayons or colored markers. For a high school graduate, including "Before" and "After" pictures of the guest of honor is a creative way to show the student's progress throughout the years.

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The Fool-Proof Outdoor Summer Party: How to Plan the Perfect Celebration, Despite the Weather

One of the best things about great summer weather is gathering with friends and family to share food and fun under the sun. At least, that’s the plan. But as we know, the weather doesn’t always make the perfect guest at a party. In spite of your planning, the day may turn fickle and suddenly you’re faced with rain, wind or even soaring temperatures. While you can’t control Mother Nature, there are ways to prevent weather from ruining your special event. Here are some tips for weather-proofing your party.

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Making Way For Baby - Planning The Perfect Shower

Babies, babies and more babies. More babies can only mean one thing – more baby showers! Although fun to attend and a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the new arrival, baby showers can also be a bit overwhelming when you are the one planning them. 

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