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The Need for Nature

Contact with nature is essential in our day-to-day lives. It connects us to ourselves and each other and increases our physical and emotional health; our overall personal and social development is dependent on contact with nature. “Canadians experience adversity when they disconnect from nature because, as a species, humans quite simply cannot thrive in a built environment. We need contact and interaction with nature - period.” Canadian Parks Council

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How to Juggle Extracurricular Activities in a Large Family

School mornings are busy, but an experienced parent knows the real rush is after school when evenings are packed with their kids’ extracurricular activities. One child has Scouts, another has piano lessons, and two have soccer practice on opposite sides of town. As a mom of six, I have survived busy weeks full of extracurricular activities and a calendar that can only be described as ‘complicated.’ Whether you have two or six kids, here are some tips from a parent with a busy, large family.

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Physical Literacy: What It Means for Your Child

While the term literacy has been part of the educational landscape for decades, the concept of Physical Literacy only became mainstream during the latter part of the last decade. If you are like me, you probably had no idea what it was, exactly, and many parents still struggle to understand the concept and how it might apply to their child’s learning landscape.

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5 Ways to Stop Micromanaging Your Kids’ Goals

Teaching your kids to have goals, do their best, and leverage personal momentum to succeed are all good ideas. However, there is a difference between supporting a child’s efforts to reach their goals versus taking control of the results you deem the best possible outcomes for your kids.

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