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Introversion and the Teen Years

Year after year, you have watched your child be on the outside of groups. You have sat in parent-teacher conferences and listened to the teacher say that your child needs to talk more. You have struggled to make sense of your child’s quiet, observant nature. Is it concerning? Should your child be talking more? Should your child have more friends? 

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Speed Up the Dawdler

Is your family always running late? Do you find yourself frustratingly repeating phrases like: “Hurry!”, “Let’s go!”, or “Come on! We are going to be late!” every day? Like many families, you may have a dawdler living in your house. Getting kids ready for the day and out the door, especially on busy days is challenging for any parent but when you have one (or more) children that seem to take their sweet time getting anywhere on time can seem impossible.

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7 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Focus and Tackle New Challenges

We are living in an age of constant interruption. When it comes to setting and accomplishing goals, kids who learn how to focus and concentrate have a distinct advantage over those who cannot. You need to help your children learn when to put their blinders on, so they can apply goal-setting to challenges of their choosing. Achieving personal goals helps kids channel their energy productively and inspires them to become more confident action-takers.

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Choosing Extracurricular Pursuits that Enrich

Want to raise a kid who excels at school and beyond? Think outside the classroom.

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