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Unbearable bickering? Teaching kids to become problem-solvers

“If I was a better parent, my kids wouldn’t argue so much!”


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“Is the Tooth Fairy real?”

Parents love to see the delight their children experience with magical figures such as Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. It’s a wonderful part of childhood for children and adults who choose to participate. Some worry that when their children find out the truth, they will be extremely disappointed, or will feel that their parents lied to them.

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Disconnect and reconnect as a family this summer

It will shock no one to learn that screen time skyrocketed during the pandemic. According to a Western University study, on average, children had nearly six hours of screen time per day. This is nearly three times the amount recommended by the Canadian Pediatric Society. 

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“Why do I still have to wear a mask?”

The removal of the mask mandate has brought joy to some, and apprehension to others. 

Although not having to deal with the hassle of a mask everywhere you go is convenient, it was easier to explain the concept to children when the government required us to wear them.

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