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Home School

4 Benefits of H.O.M.E Learning

Home learning has lots of advantages, but I think the best part is the ability to learn outside of a traditional desk-and-book environment. H.O.M.E. is a great acronym for how it works.

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Home School Jitters?

When considering home schooling a child who has reached school-age or when the decision is made for children to leave a school they attended last year, parents who are home schooling their children for the first time have a lot of questions, worries and fears. These concerns are very common and as a home educator for the past 17 years, I would like to address them.

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De-Stressing 101 for Home School Parents

Home schooling is hard work. Yes, it’s a blessing. Yes, we enjoy it. But it is also a difficult job and one that can be extremely stressful if we let it.

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Parent Prep - Glossary of Home Schooling Terms

What is the Difference between Home-Based School and Home-Education? Joining a group of home schooling parents for a playdate with kids and parental conversation can leave a new or prospective home schooler perplexed with the jargon used. Here is a quick guide of definitions so you will know what they are talking about!

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