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You Can Afford to Home School

In 18 years of home schooling, we’ve probably spent less than $1,000. I’m not counting things like school supplies or field trips because those are things I would spend money on anyway. But for specific school curriculum, we’ve spent less in our entire home schooling career than we spent on one year of our oldest child’s private school tuition. For a one-income family with six children, that is a substantial savings.

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Do Your Homework! Choosing the Right Post-Secondary Path

It’s not too early to start planning for the Fall, especially for those teens graduating high school. However, deciding what to do for the rest of their professional lives can seem daunting, if not overwhelming. After all, a post-secondary education is one of the most significant investments - both personally and financially - that a person will make in their lifetime. Often, this investment is supported by parents and the pressure to choose a discipline wisely and perform well can create a lot of family stress.

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Would Home Schooling be a Better fit For Your Child? 12 Reasons to Home School Your Children

I’ve been a public school educator and administrator for more than a decade, so you may be surprised that when parents ask for my advice about education, I often suggest they allow their children to leave school.

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Is There Anybody Out There? Networking for the Home Schooling Family

“Wow, I could never do that,” say most people when I tell them that I home school my children. Questioning them generally reveals that a lot of parents feel inadequate to home educate. They think that if they don’t have a university degree or if they never took algebra or if they cannot speak a foreign language, then they are ill-equipped to teach these things to their kids.

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