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Learning for Your Child’s Future

When choosing a school for your child, you might rely on your own school experience or even stories from your parents about what school used to be like. It would surprise many to learn school is very different today, and families have far more choice in how their children are educated than they did years ago.

Most of our families choose to send their child to their community school. With so many excellent schools available, it is a choice parents can feel good about. All of our schools teach Alberta Education’s mandated curriculum, but each school’s focus, optional courses and activities combine to create a unique environment and culture.

Beyond community schools, the CBE also offers a range of program choices including Aboriginal, all boys, all girls, arts-centered, Canadian studies, immersion and bilingual language, Montessori, science, sports and Traditional Learning Centres.

We offer choice because we know that each child is unique. One size does not fit all. We have the most diverse and inclusive school system in Calgary, reflecting what students will experience in real life, work and continued learning beyond high school. By embracing the richness and diversity within our school system, we are preparing students for the future.

The education your parents received was right for their time, but it will not prepare today’s learners to thrive in a fast-moving global economy. In 2015, students need to be equipped to succeed in a technologically connected world that has higher expectations. They need different skills and abilities than previous generations.

For example, memorization is important, and continues to be taught, but it is not enough. Students need to become creative problem solvers in addition to developing their knowledge in specific subject areas. They need to know how to apply their knowledge and skills in different settings and circumstances.

Employers tell us they need well-rounded individuals to help their organizations be successful. While academics are important, students also need to work collaboratively with others, communicate effectively with people from all walks of life and be able to adapt as their world changes.

That is why the CBE is committed to ensuring our students are provided with a wide variety of learning opportunities. Today’s students need more than just the three R’s. Students need to develop their talents and interests, be responsible citizens and demonstrate good character. They also need a working knowledge of current technology and innovations.

When you take your child to school for their first day of Kindergarten, you may wonder if your child’s experiences will be the same as yours. While some things may be the same, much has changed - for the better and for the benefit of our students. The CBE provides the choices and opportunities to help every student achieve their full potential. This is not your parents’school. This is learning for your child’s future.

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