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Shining a Light on Report Cards

A low literacy level could have serious implications on a child's future education and overall social development. With as many as 4 out of 10 Canadians dropping below the acceptable literacy average, according to a StatsCan report, now is the time to address gaps or lack of foundation in your child's reading ability.

In June, school report cards will be sent home in backpacks all across Canada. Wouldn't it be wonderful to open that report card this year, comfortable in the knowledge that you are doing everything you can to help your child achieve better grades?

Experts are on a mission to provide children with the essential support and guidance required, when dealing with reading and learning difficulties. Early detection and intervention is essential to a child's development.

Literacy expert Lani Donaldson urges parents to be proactive and not reactive in relation to their child's reading and overall development. President and CEO of Beacon Literacy, Lani identifies that "with such a large intake at Beacon Literacy every September, parents are addressing consequences of poor reading rather than the source. Neglecting this problem may cause a child unnecessary distress and a learning problem that is difficult to unpick."

In a report by The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network, Project Investigator Linda Siegal, University of British Columbia, examines the issue that currently, many children are not assessed until well into their elementary years. Early assessment to identify a child's needs, allows them to be referred for the appropriate intervention methods based on their difficulties as soon as possible. "The reduction of learning difficulties will help these children lead more fulfilling lives, save the educational system significant money, prevent school dropout rates and reduce the incidence of social problems," says Siegel.

Reading problems will affect a child's social development and impact negatively on other areas of their education. Providing a child with reading support as early as possible will reduce the risk of falling behind. Early intervention will build a child's confidence, providing them with the skills to reach their full potential. Reading is a pivotal skill required for learning.

Lani Donaldson adds, "Instead of waiting for the report card to be placed on the kitchen counter, and for another summer to pass, take your child for a reading assessment. If a literacy program is for you, when the report card does appear, you know that your child's grades will be better or at least on the way to a more positive result."


Lani, The Literacy Expert, owns an innovative company called Beacon Literacy, which will improve a client's literacy rate by one Grade level in only 20 hours of instruction. Lani is determined to improve the literacy rates not only in Canada but also around the world! For more information, visit

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