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School Aged

15 Genius Tips for Back to School

Every parent has that one trick up their sleeve that helps make life just a little simpler in the midst of a hectic school year. Read on for some of their best tips, clever tricks, and genius hacks for back to school.

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7 Tips to Help Children Adjust to a New School

The beginning of another school year brings excitement and nervousness. And for those starting at a new school, it can also bring stress. Beth Moore, a seasoned school counselor, offers practical tips on how we can help our children adjust to their new surroundings with a few intentional steps.

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Helping Kids Face Back-to-School Fears

Mom, I’m not sure I should have signed up for AP English,” says Adam, a high school freshman. “I’ve heard it’s really hard.” Adam, a smart student who doesn’t want to disappoint his parents, lacks confidence in his ability to keep up with the work required in his upcoming classes. His main fear centres on academics.

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31 Questions to Pump Your Kids Up for School

A new school year. It seems you either dread it or embrace it. For those who embrace it, a new school year is ripe with possibility and opportunities for growth and exploration. A new grade with new friends to make, new topics to learn about, new abilities to test.

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