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Raise Your Hand if You Have Ever Volunteered!

Then you will understand when, I leave the house to attend a parent council meeting, community calling or work related idea, my husband yells out to me, “You can sit on your hands when they call for volunteers”!

It’s true, I think I am addicted to volunteering; on some level I think I can save the world if I am a part of the volunteer movement.

In Calgary there are over 5,000 organizations each trying to create, educate, support or save. And each of these organizations fights for funding to keep their efforts alive and recruit people like you and me to help bang their drum!

The need for volunteers seems to grow at the same speed our personal lives become busier. Is there ever a balance to be found? Then consider informal volunteering. Informal volunteering is about episodic or virtual volunteering. These volunteer positions offer choice; flexibility and simplicity while still providing a meaningful role for you and the agency you are helping out.

An episodic volunteer opportunity is the call for volunteers to help a one time or non-regular event or project. Stampede breakfasts, community clean ups, annual mailings are all volunteer opportunities that require a large amount of volunteers to help coordinate and implement something that the agency requires.

A virtual volunteer opportunity is something that you can do to help from wherever you are. This form of volunteering is popular with younger children as they can (safely) make a difference from their home, school or group. It introduces them to caring for others in a fun and often simple project idea.

For more information on how to get involved with these types of volunteer positions, check out the Volunteer Calgary website at For youth opportunities visit Child & Youth Friendly Calgary at For virtual volunteer opportunities for your children and family, connect with Humanity In Practice at


Janica Fisher, Volunteer Management Specialist, Program Creator and Founder of Humanity In Practice. 

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