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Best Playgrounds in Cochrane

Me and my family spent a day checking out some of the best Cochrane playgrounds. We found seven great ones! 

1. Sunset Ridge Playground. This playground almost made me want to move to Cochrane. The park has a pond with picnic spots and a pathway. The playground itself is large with a section for toddlers, one for older kids, and another with equipment shaped like rocks and logs. The area is beautifully landscaped with large rocks that provide another opportunity for play. Any community would be lucky to have a play park like this one. Location: Sunset Ridge - Sunset Road and Sunset Boulevard.

2. Riverfront Park Natural Playground. This playground is part of the redevelopment of the Riverfront Park area. It features equipment made from natural materials like logs, stumps, and trees. It also features picnic tables and fire pits. Location: Griffin Road and Cowboy Trail (Highway 22).

3. Heartland Playground. My kids loved this playground. The little dome at the back reminded them of a moon cave and they immediately started playing space explorers. The playground is bright with a bridge, lots of slides, baby swings and saucer swings. The park is right on the west edge of the city giving it a great view of the mountains, too. Location: Heartland - Horseshoe Crescent.

4. William Camden Park Playground. This playground is also known as ‘spider park’ for the large web climber. It also has a nice climber with a wobbly bridge and a flying fox. It’s located in a lovely park with large beautiful trees. Location: Between Glenwood Crescent and Glenbrook Crescent.

5. Centennial Park Playground. This playground has an amazing ramp system that anyone unsteady on their feet will appreciate. Wheelchairs can travel through the climber and throughout the playground. Toddlers will love running up and down the ramps. There is also outdoor fitness equipment alongside the park. Location: William Street and Pope Avenue.

6. Riviera Park Playground. The parking at this playground is a little tricky. It’s located at a roundabout where you can’t park. The playground features a small toddler climber as well as a school-age climber with tree-shaped equipment and a big hollow log. Location: Riviera Way and Riviera Crescent.

7. Fireside Playground. This playground is easy to find but a little hard to park. The playground is directly in front of you when you enter the neighborhood but there is no parking at the playground entrance. The playground features accessible flooring and a large climber with gazebos, slides and climbing walls. Location: Fireside - Fireside Gate.

Cochrane Ranch

The Cochrane Ranch historical site does not have a playground, but it has public washrooms, picnic spots, pathways, and large grassy areas. It also features a museum and is a popular place for events! Location: Bow Valley Trail.

What’s your favorite Cochrane playground?

Dana is the creator of Calgary Playground Review, She searches out the best places to play, eat, and learn with kids in Calgary, across Alberta, and beyond. Her three kids also contribute their unfiltered opinions to her reviews.

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